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(Italiano) L’osmosi inversa è un sistema di trattamento dell’acqua usato nel settore industriale e professionale. L’osmosi inversa serve a rendere l’acqua leggera: rimuove i sali e altre sostanze indesiderate che danneggiano tutte le macchine o macchinari che lavorano con l’acqua.




OSMOSIS = WATER – Dissolved Minerals – Incrustrations –  Bacteria – Pollutants

Nowadays INVERSE OSMOSIS is the top water treatment. Providing yourself with an inverse osmosis system is like giving yourself a barrier that blocks the entry of water unwanted substances. In fact Inverse Osmosis permits to remove the smallest elements that are present in water: dissolved salts.

OSMOSIS DOESN’T TAKE ALL MINERALS AWAY, considering that inverse osmosis could remove salts totally is a commonplace. Actually regulating their removal is possible, from 95% to 99%. If a completely demineralized, and so undrinkable, water is required you would provide yourself with Profine Yellow cartridge technology as post-treatment.

OSMOSIS IS A WORLD, technical applications of osmosis treatment system vary in flow rate, autonomy and use. Nowadays removing salts from seawater, recovering specific waste water, giving specific water for beverage and food sectors, for specific uses in biomedical field and obtaining a light water to drink at home are possible with osmosis.



1. BEVERAGE VENDING Coffee, tea and infusion need refined water that is without scents or flavors, and with a scarce content of salts. So, this water would be filtered and ideal to drink and to have more pleasant-tasting beverages choosing the right concentration of salts.

2. COOKING SYSTEM It’s necessary to use water that has a scarce content of mineral salts to intensify food tastes and to not damage steam cooking systems and ovens.

3. WASHING SYSTEMS (DISHWASHER, GLASSWASHER…) Optimizing performance of washing systems is possible bringing water salinity down. Only this could prevent incrustations in machinery and unpleasant rings in dishes. With this water you could use sparingly sparkling aids and detergents.

4. CHEMICAL PHARMACEUTICAL AND COSMETIC SECTORS Water is an essential element in chemical pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors. In fact many processes require its use. In this field, the required type is completely demineralized one starting with an inverse osmosis system and then refining it with a resin and ion exchange post-treatment.

5. REMOVING ARSENIC Arsenic is present in nature and it frequently comes in contact with aquifers, polluting them. Industrial activity contributes to increase it. So you have to operate to treat water to make it drinkable by using a resin and specific ion exchange system: Profine ARSENIC.

6. DENTIST’S CLINICS You have to reflect upon the water you use to guarantee extreme efficiency and lifetime of devices and equipment tools of dentistry. Treated water lets keeping machinery performances in perfect efficiency.

7. DENTAL TECHNICIAN LABORATORIES Using complete neutral water, that doesn’t leave end remains in rising phase, is fundamentally to have the best success of products in dental technician field.

8. ALUMINIUM DIE CASTING An osmosis system supplies ideal water that isn’t aggressive and doesn’t leave rings. These are fundamental characteristics for productive efficiency of printed pieces, of handing robots and of mould washing.

9. PHOTOVOLTAIC PANEL WASHING Osmosis water is the ideal water for periodic cleaning of more important components of alternative energy producing systems.

10. CAR WASHING Providing yourself with an reverse osmosis system, produced by Think:Water, is necessary to have a perfect in final phases of body and glass rinsing.