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hydro:box 7M

Exceptional and super safe washing to be combined with all models of professional dishwashers. Hydro:box is a simple and reliable system for perfect washing. The advantages of an osmotiser in a simple, safe and easy-to-handle format. High flow rate and easy maintenance.
Removal of protozoa, bacteria and viruses
Removal of limescale build-up
Removal of halos
Removal of heavy metals


> 0,00001 - 0,001μm

Move it wherever you want
and it does what you want.

Four wheels to move it wherever you want. Hydro:box adapts to the situation. It serves any requested washing cycle, even for large water flows.

420 l/h at 15°C

Flow rate

25% at 60%

Recovery rate


Typical rejection

810x495x520 mm (HxPxL)


Case in stainless

steel AISI 304 SB

Boom a rush

of power

Lots of water for real. Hydro:box is second to none. It is not a complex system or installation, but a simple and handy box that will never leave you without hyperfiltered water.

5 - 35 °C

Supply water temperature

1200 l/h

Minimum supply flow rate

150 - 600 kpa

Supply pressure


Nominal power (V)


Frequency (Hz)


Power supplied (W)

For high-volume

water needs.

Hydro:box can be used in situations where the instantaneous flow rate and the accumulated water reserve are essential for satisfying copious water needs.

Discover the whole of hydro:box

Prefiltration Profine® Blue Large 5 µm

filter for removing chlorine, tastes,
odours and suspended particles


water cooled to work h24

Osmosis Membranes

7 osmosis membranes that remove minerals,
limescale, bacteria and pollutants

Control panel

to control the optimal functioning
of the reverse osmosis system TW

Manual mix valve and
conditioning valve new filter

The mix valve allows the adjustment of the conductivity,
that is, of the desired salinity. You can therefore set your plant based on your incoming water and on the desired quality at the output.

Designed to enable conditioning when hydro:box starts
and every time the pre-filter is replaced.

Manual by-pass valve
of the entire system

With the manual by-pass valve you can exclude
the entire osmosis system in case of need.
It still guarantees you Profine® microfiltered water.

Adjust your recovery

according to the hardness and pH of your incoming water

The capillary system has been designed by TW to adjust the recovery rate of hydro:box
according to the quality of the incoming water. This way you can guarantee the best
performance of the treatment system according to your water with a simple operation.


types of alarms present in osmo:maxi xl

More tips

for YOU

120 – 140 L/h


An as yet unheard of super power

140 L/h


for high flows and fast cycles

140 L/h


crystal-clear water
like never before