For water of perfect quality.

Perfect water
for impeccable washings.
For dinnerware of excellence,
only refined water

A reverse osmosis
water treatment
eliminates bacteria and viruses
if present in the water.

It reduces biofilm and deposits
in the machine; avoiding the presence
of dirt and stagnation of microorganisms.

Stop droplets and halos
in glasses and plates.
Responsible for the stagnation
of pathogens even after drying.


TW develops specific systems for excellent water in Italy. Safety, reliability and experience make TW the benchmark for the treatment of water in the Ho.Re.Ca. and professional sectors.

Glasses, dishes and brilliant
cutlery right from the start.

It reduces the use
of detergents and rinse aids.

Reduces wear
of the glasses and dishes.

Defend your machine
from limescale build-up.

Say goodbye to manual
drying after washing.

Makes your system
last longer.

1. Sparkling glasses after the osmosis treatment

Say goodbye to manual polishing

With osmosis, the washing will be carried out with excellent water and free of any contaminants or harmful substances. Osmosis is, in fact, the most refined and advanced technology for filtering water. Refining the water before washing allows cutlery and glasses to come out without spots or streaks.

2. Up to 2/3 less detergent and rinse aid

Say goodbye to chemicals to prevent limescale build-up

When the dirt is not soluble in water, chemical products must be used. The more unrefined the water is, rich in insoluble salts, the more detergent and rinse aid must be used to clean beyond the dirt. It is with refined water that the detergent that you use truly becomes useful for cleaning.

3. Reduces wear on glass and ceramic surfaces

Goblets, crystals and glasses last longer

The salts present in the water, in the long run, have an abrasive effect on the surfaces. It is for this reason that washing with water having reduced salts provides benefits for the glasses and dishes. Washing with water osmosis guarantees longer life to the dinnerware by not attacking the glass and ceramic surfaces.

4. Defend your machine from limescale build-up.

Stop using chemicals to prevent limescale

Limescale build-up leads to occlusion of the pipes, fittings, pumps and many other parts of the system in contact with water. These deposits, in turn, reduce the performance of the machine in terms of efficiency. Water osmosis excludes this type of problem.

5. Say goodbye to manual drying

The operator will no longer dry the glasses after washing.

The best results of the washing cycle are obtained with water osmosis, which contains no limescale or mineral residues. Such high quality water does not adhere to perfectly smooth and degreased surfaces, leaving bright glasses without halos, spots or films.

Treating your own water before a washing cycle is essential
for those who need perfect dinnerware.

Power, efficiency and green. These are the greatest strengths for those who want a role as top players in their profession. A high-level water treatment that can be connected to diverse applications.

Professional Washing

What can you achieve
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