Water for the Beverage

Being sure of the water in our home is a fundamental aspect of everyday life. We use it to drink, cook and it is essential for our bodies to function. Needless to say, water is a serious matter, and we take it seriously.

E' tempo di cambiare.
E fare ancora di più.

Investire in un sistema di trattamento acqua può sembrare oneroso, ma i benefici superano di gran lunga i costi sostenuti. Lavastoviglie professionali sempre efficienti, poca manutenzione e eliminazione del tempo utilizzato per lucidare posate, piatti e bicchieri.

Not all water
is the same

Water is a living element and as such is subject to change, it varies depending on the territory and sometimes even throughout the day. Choosing the right treatment means getting the most out of this vital resource.

Hard water

Hard water contains high levels of calcium and magnesium.

Profine Violet
Profine Lilac
Profine Ocra
Zero professional

Soft water

Soft water contains small amounts of chlorine, calcium, magnesium and carbonates.

Profine Blue
Profine Silver
Profine Gold

Contaminated water

Contaminated water contains substances that are hazardous to health.

Profine Nitrates
Profine Arsenic
Profine Pfas
Zero Professional

Improve the taste

Every element dissolved in the water transfers its own particular characteristic, soft, bitter, salty, and so forth. Finding the right blend of these substances creates the perfect recipe for obtaining the best possible product, enhancing the aromas and giving your drinks an attractive appearance. Water is, after all, the main ingredient of any food.

Water treatment

When people think of the water that comes from the mains, they normally consider it a fixed product that cannot be altered. In reality, the quality of the water changes not only from area to area, and sometimes even from street to street, but also within the same day. Water is part of nature, it is life, and therefore brings with it the traces of all the elements it meets along its path. It is understandable therefore that some of the substances it contains are not always desirable, good, healthy, and/or useful.

For example:

• a high concentration of dissolved minerals,
• the presence of chlorine as a disinfectant (in the mains supply),
• the presence of solid particles, such as microplastics,
• the presence of bacteria,
• a high concentration of limestone,

make the water from our mains supply less than desirable and effectively useful.

4 reasons to choose
a treatment

The safety of
what we drink.

Water that
tastes like water.

Respect for
our planet.


Water treatment

Water treatment occurs mainly in two ways.
Filters allow the mains water supply to be purified of all those substances that alter its taste and smell, or which compromise its drinkability. To control its taste and smell, activated carbon is used, such as the Carbon Block Profine, which thanks to its properties of absorption, intercepts any particulate matter and chlorine. For toxic substances on the other hand such as pfas, nitrates and arsenic, specially designed filters are used.

Reverse osmosis
Thanks to the very high degree of filtration that characterises reverse osmosis machines, it is possible to obtain water with very high quality characteristics. As the water passes through one or more membranes, it is purified not only of the elements determining its hardness, but also of all the contaminating substances causing unpleasant odours and tastes, for example.

Beverage products

Investire in un sistema di trattamento acqua può sembrare oneroso, ma, nel medio lungo periodo, i benefici superano di gran lunga i costi sostenuti. La praticità di avere sempre disponibile acqua buona, la sicurezza di usare un prodotto controllato e, non ultimo, la consapevolezza di fare qualcosa di utile per il Pianeta. Tutti aspetti che rendono la filtrazione domestica la scelta del futuro per il futuro!

Profine® Red

Filter for water treatment
water treatment.

Profine® Blue

Dechlorination and
clarification drinking water.

Profine® Gold

Domestic ultrafiltration kit with
bacteriostatic action and ultrafiltration.

Profine® Silver

Domestic microfiltration kit with bacteriostatic action.

Profine® Nitrates

Home filtration kit
which reduces nitrates.

Profine® Arsenic

Home filtration kit
which reduces arsenic.

Profine® Pfas

Home filtration kit which
removes Pfas.

Profine® Ocra

Reduction of
total water of water.

Profine® Violet

Carbonate reduction with
pH control and microfiltration.

Profine® Lilac

Carbonate reduction
and microfiltration.

Profine® Zero Professional

Ultranatural and superfiltrating.

Profine® Compact

Results in a small space.

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