Compact Premium TW

The Compact Premium TW volumetric softener is the first step towards water treatment. With the Compact Premium TW, you can say goodbye to limescale deposits because the softener removes calcium and magnesium from the water, which are responsible for scale deposits. Limescale-free water means that your system is protected from damage, works better and lasts longer.

Brilliant results

so much crystal clear water

Removal of limescale build-up
Removal of halos


Volumetric small and compact

The Compact Premium TW softener independently regenerates the resins without the need for any system shutdown or reminders based on actual water consumption, and also allows the passage of water during regeneration.

0,25 mc/h

Operating capacity

Min 0,15 - Max 0,5 Mpa

Operating pressure

Min 5 °C - Max 35 °C


475x430x225 mm (HxPxL)


Small and full of options

The Compact Premium TW softener comes with several gadgets that make it easy to use.
A little gem in the world of easy-to-use and economical softeners!

Bypass already included.

A step up for those who need installation
to be as easy as maintenance.

You decide how
hard you want the water.

All this is possible thanks to the possibility
of mixing the hardness at the outlet.

Brine suction safety valve.

An important technical device that avoids
excessive water consumption.

Luminous and
intuitive display

Equipped with


All about your softener,
all from your Smartphone!

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