Water for the ovens

Steam ovens and steamers have become sophisticated and efficient tools, but to perform their best, maintain performance and reduce maintenance, they need the right water.

E' tempo di cambiare.
E fare ancora di più.

Investire in un sistema di trattamento acqua può sembrare oneroso, ma i benefici superano di gran lunga i costi sostenuti. Lavastoviglie professionali sempre efficienti, poca manutenzione e eliminazione del tempo utilizzato per lucidare posate, piatti e bicchieri.

Not all water
is the same

The use of unfiltered water not only affects the food you prepare, but can also damage your oven and steam generator over time. Water with high carbonate hardness can lead to limescale deposits, while high permanent hardness can cause chalk deposits.

Untreated water

Untreated water contains high levels of sediments and can potentially damage or
obstruct the machine.

Zero Professional

Hard water

Hard water contains high levels of calcium
and magnesium.

Profine Ocra
Zero Professional

Soft water

Soft water contains only small amounts of
calcium, magnesium and carbonates.

Profine Violet
Profine Lilac
Zero Professional

Improve the taste

Every element dissolved in the water transfers its own particular characteristic, soft, bitter, salty, and so forth. Finding the right blend of these substances creates the perfect recipe for obtaining the best possible product, enhancing the aromas and giving your drinks an attractive appearance. Water is, after all, the main ingredient of any food.

Treatment is worth it

Mineral deposits, caused by the hardness of the water, tend to cause malfunctions in ovens and steam generators. Maintenance times increase and so do management costs, in the long run, the damage caused becomes absolutely relevant. Untreated water also leaves residue on glasses and cutlery, giving an opaque look, and the impression that they are dirty.

3 reasons to
choose a treatment

Improves flavour

Avoid blockages
in pipes

from encrustations.

Water treatment methods

Water treatment takes place mainly in three ways.
Water softener
The result one obtains through the use of the water softener is the elimination of the calcium Ca2+ and magnesium Mg2+ ions, which are responsible for the hardness of the water. In this way, one effectively prevents the formation of limescale that over time reduces the performance of the machines and causes their breakdown.

The decarbonisation filters eliminate the carbonates of calcium (CaCO3) and magnesium (MgCO3). Use of these filters allows a three-fold result: protection of the machine, full and rich-tasting food and drinks, and sparkling dishes.

Reverse osmosis
Thanks to the very high degree of filtration that characterises reverse osmosis machines, it is possible to obtain water with very high quality characteristics. As the water passes through one or more membranes, it is purified not only of the elements determining its hardness, but also of all the contaminating substances causing unpleasant odours and tastes, for example.

Products for Ovens

The catering industry is becoming increasingly more competitive, and customers increasingly more demanding and informed, so in order to emerge, all factors must be of the highest standard. Water is certainly one of these, perhaps even among the most important, since it is used in every stage of the process, from cleaning to cooking, and the preparation of the food itself. Profine® can help you transform water into your winning ingredient!

Profine® Ocra

Reduction of total
water of water.

Profine® Violet

Carbonate reduction
with pH control and microfiltration.

Profine® Lilac

Carbonate reduction
and microfiltration.

Profine® Zero Professional

and superfiltrating.

Profine® Compact

Results in a small space.

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