There is no Planet B.

We believe that climate change
has to be stopped by our actions.

Because taking care of the water,
treating it and refining it, always has a positive impact on our planet.

Fewer plastic bottles,
less chemicals, less transportation,
more hygienic safety.

We produce reverse osmosis systems that drastically reduce the use of detergents and rinse aids.

1 Profine filter is equivalent to as many as 1,000 plastic bottles.

The survival of our planet passes through water treatment.

From the plant-derived activated carbon from the coconut.

The Fabbrica dell’Acqua
has 0 emissions.

This is confirmed by the environmental certification ISO 14000:2015.
Our 6,000 sqm production facility is covered with solar panels for the production of renewable energy

In a liquid society, nothing is certain.

There are the values that you carry
with you and your objectives
which show who you are.

The Water

Doing is the essence of our identity.
In tw we make products following
tight quality processes.

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Produciamo sistemi a osmosi inversa che riducono drasticamente l'uso di detergenti e brillantanti.​

La fabbrica tw osserva i più elevati standard di produzione. A partire da un sistema rigidissimo di controllo della materia prima, tw opera secondo le prassi di sicurezza igienica della conformità alimentare MOCA. Inoltre tutte le materie prime sono valutate con analisi organolettiche, prestazionali e di dimensionamento centesimale.

1 filtro Profine vale fino a 1000 bottiglie di plastica.​

tw crede che il trattamento dell’acqua sia il business del futuro! In qualsiasi settore merceologico vengano utilizzati i prodotti tw per migliorare l’acqua, essi riescono sempre a:
1. ridurre l’impatto ambientale
2. semplificare la vita
3. ridurre i costi di gestione
4. allungare la vita dei macchinari

La sopravvivenza del nostro Pianeta passa attraverso il trattamento dell'acqua.

Controllare il principale media filtrante, dalla materia grezza in tutto. il processo è la dimostrazione di quanto importante sia per la squadra tw. lavorare bene. Dal carbone vegetale derivato da noci di cocco al bicchiere di acqua buona filtrata, il processo produttivo è interamente controllato da esperti e analisi.

Dal carbone attivo vegetale derivato dalla noce di cocco.

Da un’attenta selezione di carbone vegetale derivato da noci di cocco, in tw realizziamo internamente il Profine® Carbon Block.

Contatta il supporto think:water

We design and build systems and products to refine water.

The tw factory observes the highest production standards. tw works according to the hygienic safety procedures in compliance with MOCA standards, starting from a very strict raw material check. In addition, all raw material is analysed with organoleptic tests, performance test and hundredth sizing.

1 Profine filter is worth up to 1000 plastic bottles.

tw believes that water treatment is the business of the future! In whatever commodity sector tw products are used to improve water, always succeeding in:
1. reducing the environmental impact
2. simplifying life
3. reducing management costs
4. extending the life of the machinery

The survival of our Planet passes through water treatment!

The checking of the main filter’s media, from the raw material throughout. the process, is a demonstration of how much important for the tw’s team. is to work in the right way. From the vegetable coal coming from coconuts. to.a glass of good filtered water, the production process is entirely. .controlled by experts and continuos analysis..

From vegetable activated carbon derived from coconut.

From a careful selection of vegetable coal derived from coconuts, in tw we internally create the Profine® Carbon Block.