The general warranty is valid for 12 months from the date the material is shipped. The warranty covers manufacturing defects of the material produced by Think:Water. The warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of components acknowledged as defective by Think:Water. Under no circumstances does the warranty imply the possibility to claim for damages. The warranty does not cover failures caused by incorrect electrical connections, by the lack of suitable protection, by defective installations, by false manoeuvres and negligent handling of the system by the installer, poor functionality caused by installations not carried out in accordance with best practices or in unsuitable operating environments and conditions, or cases in which buyer payments are not in good standing. The warranty does not cover materials subject to wear, accessories such as tubes, taps and all else not directly manufactured by Think:Water. Moreover, the warranty shall not cover any materials dismantled, repaired or tampered with by others that have not been expressly authorised to do so by Think:Water. The defective material must be returned to Think:Water subject to the authorisation of the latter’s RMA as carriage paid, and following acknowledgement of the defect by Think:Water, the component shall be returned to the buyer as carriage forward; this means that the transport expenses associated with the repair or replacement operations shall remain at the sole expense of the Buyer.

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