Policy for Quality and the Environment

Quality, understood as the satisfaction of customer expectations, and environmental protection are the priorities pursued by “Think Water s.r.I.”, which assumes the following commitments:

1. accurately identify the customer’s needs and offer him the most suitable type of product

2. maintain maximum clarity and transparency in the relationship with the customer

3. always provide a product that meets the needs of the customer

4. determine the characteristics of the product in compliance with the relevant requirements, paying particular attention to compliance with the legal requirements and technical standards that regulate the refining and treatment of water

5. guarantee the characteristics of the water treated by the products of “Think Water s.r.l.” in relation to food safety

6. create products with adequate performance for use by the customer 

7. meet delivery times

8. pay particular attention to the execution of the tests, in order to ensure the reliability of the products

9. identify the significant environmental aspects of its activities in ordinary and emergency conditions and establish the appropriate control measures

10. comply with the applicable legal environmental requirements, as well as the voluntary environmental requirements that “Think Water s.r..” decides to subscribe

11. implement the continuous improvement of environmental performance and prevent the pollution deriving from its activities

12. aim for an autonomous production chain to have greater control of environmental aspects

13. manage waste correctly and have it disposed of by qualified suppliers

14. contain energy consumption

15. define the measures to control the environmental impacts generated by their activities in contractual relationships with service providers.

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