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How to protect yourself from bacteria
and viruses in water

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bacteria and viruses
SANI:CLEAN remove biofilm, bacteria and virus
New TW Profine sanitizing treatment fights pathogenic bacteria, fungi, algae and viruses. Maximum efficacy on systems that have been inactive for a long period.
Respond to the Coronavirus with an advanced preventive hygiene and sanitation service.
Working in safety and following correct preventive hygiene practices is essential for keeping employees, customers and businesses healthy and safe.
With TW Profine reverse osmosis technology protection against bacteria and viruses
We are all facing a new planetary challenge. The Covid-19 pandemic requires us to strictly observe the hygiene regulations for our safety.
The risks of water contagion
TW, as a company that has providing quality water as its mission, is committed to giving its contribution in regard to water safety. For this reason, we want to inform you on the potential risks related to water, and update you on the best procedures for preventing these risks.

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