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on Profine filters

Request information on Profine filters

Profine is 100% Made in Italy.
8 sizes and 14 colors for 14 different filtration technologies for water treatment.

Research, design, and production are all processes that are developed in the think:water srl production facility in Cittadella (PD).

Discover Profine filters

Catering, restaurants and hotels are increasingly competitive industries, and the customer is increasingly more demanding and knowledgeable, to emerge it is necessary that all factors involved are at their best. Water is certainly one of the most important elements.

Profine® Silver

Home microfiltration kit with bacteriostatic action.

Profine® Blue

and clarification drinking water.

Profine® Lilac

Carbonate reduction
and microfiltration.

Profine® Ocra

Reduction of
total hardness of water.

Profine® Violet

Carbonate reduction
with pH control.

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