Let yourself take your breath away.

Since 2014, the restaurant, managed by the two young owners Max and Denj, offers a refined menu in constant change (which evolves with the succession of days, weeks, months, seasons, always; in search of unique and authentic flavors.)

They choose
TW systems

The important thing is to be young and always up to date with new technologies, the first step to approaching water treatment.

To protect their system, they choose to install the Compact 5 TW softener, it allows flawless washing by removing limescale deposits, in fact the softener removes calcium and magnesium from the water while maintaining a protected system.

Brilliant ice for the unprecedented and nonconformist drink list

For a love at the first sip … Castelli in Aria chooses the Profine® Ice filter, installed in the ice machine, refines the drinking water by neutralizing the action of limestone, thus allowing the formation of a transparent and shiny ice. At the same time, it guarantees operational efficiency and prolongs the life of the equipment.

Discover the systems installed:

Serving a glass washer
and an ice machine.
0,25 mc/h

Compact 5 TW

goodbye encrustations and halos.
2,5 l/min | 22.000 l

Profine Ice

bright ice



We are in an antique country house
and our cooking is natural.
The water has allowed us to have
the maximum level of green services,
while enhancing our local water.

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